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No Driver Damage
by John Wagner

Campers and tow vehicle drivers will find value in having a veteran transporter on-hand to discuss every aspect of equipping their trailer and driving it down the road. The professionals who deliver the units from the manufacturers will appreciate the details for a transfer that has been meticulously prepared, from accepting the contract, safety of the driver and public, all the way through to acceptance of a flawless delivery. And, you will see a decrease in transit delays and problems from neglect and the environment.

John Wagner, USCG retired, is an experienced RV transporter with ten years of safely delivering over one thousand trailers in his background. His easy conversational style of writing, as opposed to instructional dialect, is imminently accessible and displays a unique appreciation for an uneventful journey. Join John as he demonstrates the proper use of equipment, communication, and skills in predicting and managing extreme weather, wildlife, and traffic. Each type of trailer delivered, from fifth-wheels and travel-trailers to goosenecks, and even a chapter on boat transports with nautical lingo, is thoroughly detailed. Additionally, check-off lists are provided at the end of these chapters for quick reference.

For someone considering using their newfound talents to drive for profit, John walks the reader (and his dog) through the hiring process, truck and equipment selection, keeping it legal, income potential, and reducing expenses.


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